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A stranger in a strange land: my strangest experience in a foreign country.

This week, a post in Piper Bayard’s blog about Russian naval spying bought back a memory of perhaps the strangest experience I ever had as a tourist. In 1985, I visited the USSR, as Russia and it satellite countries were then … Continue reading

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The world is getting stranger: that piranha ate my kid’s finger!

Here’s a collection of strange things I’ve come across recently. A family in Chicago thought their pit-bull had eaten one of their daughter’s finger. When the doctors said it wasn’t a dog injury, the father went home, gutted one of the … Continue reading

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Official over-reaction: Pussy Riot again.

I’ve blogged before about Pussy Riot, the all-female Russian punk-rock band, some of whom were arrested and charged with “hooliganism” after five of the members performed an anti-Vladimir Putin song in Moscow’s main Russian Orthodox church cathedral on February 21. … Continue reading

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