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Strange things in the news part 9: deadman’s pacemaker kickstarts him back to life

Here are a few wacky thing I stumbled across recently: A funeral home in Mississippi were preparing to embalm a man when he kicked his way out of a body bag. The local coroner suspects that the man’s pacemaker may … Continue reading

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Yossarian slept here: when your father betrays you

Would you feel betrayed by this? Imagine that your father, a famous author, wrote a novel that was clearly based directly on your own family, that it was negative in tone, that it described all his dissatisfaction with his wife, and that … Continue reading

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The world is getting stranger: that piranha ate my kid’s finger!

Here’s a collection of strange things I’ve come across recently. A family in Chicago thought their pit-bull had eaten one of their daughter’s finger. When the doctors said it wasn’t a dog injury, the father went home, gutted one of the … Continue reading

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Star Wars Monopoly: yes, grown-ups play it!

I have just returned from a meeting of the Melbourne Science Fiction Club, (the oldest science fiction club in the Southern Hemisphere) where the club had a “board games” night. I ended up on a table playing – you guessed … Continue reading

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The world is getting stranger – marijuana from a vending machine.

Well, according to news items, a club in New Zealand  has a vending machine that dispenses 1 gram bags of marijuana for NZ$20 (about US$15) for “medicinal” purposes. The club is owned by the National Organisation for the Reform of … Continue reading

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