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On the Edge of the Lake (scroll down for life on the lake.)

Here are some more pictures of people who live on Tonle Sap lake, in Cambodia, at the end of the lake  near Siem Reap

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Some Photos of the Floating Village in Cambodia

 Some new photos: In Cambodia there is a whole community that lives in boats, flaoting houses built of floors of thick bamboo, and deconstructable houses on stilts in the middle of the Tonle Sap lake. These people fish, and also … Continue reading

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An Interesting Site About Amish and ex-Amish

Withing 12 hours of posting the book review below I got a comment from a guy who runs this website, about people who disagree with Amish and support people who leave the church. The issue of people confusing  culture with … Continue reading

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And I Always Thought the Amish were Just Cute and Cuddly

I have just finished reading “Crossing Over” by Ruth “Irene” Garrett (Harper 2003.) I had always pictured the Amish as those cute folksy old guys with their horse and buggies, just living their 1600s lifestyle in the 20th century. Well, … Continue reading

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