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Star Wars Monopoly: yes, grown-ups play it!

I have just returned from a meeting of the Melbourne Science Fiction Club, (the oldest science fiction club in the Southern Hemisphere) where the club had a “board games” night. I ended up on a table playing – you guessed … Continue reading

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Losing someone

I just read a very moving post on the blog by Debra Kristi about this being the 15th anniversary of the last day she saw her sister alive. There is a photo of the two of them together. She has used … Continue reading

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The world is getting stranger – marijuana from a vending machine.

Well, according to news items, a club in New Zealand  has a vending machine that dispenses 1 gram bags of marijuana for NZ$20 (about US$15) for “medicinal” purposes. The club is owned by the National Organisation for the Reform of … Continue reading

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For Novel Writers, how to make a believable male a woman would want to fall in love with.

Over at Writers in the Storm Blog Charlotte Carter has written a simply supurb piece on how to write a male that your female character would be willing to fall in love with. I’m not going  to reproduce the whole … Continue reading

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Members of “Pussy Riot” rock group jailed in Russia for 7 years over protest song.

I In Moscow  three members of an all-female rock group called “Pussy Riot” are under arrest for performing an impromptu performance in a Russian church. The group usually perform in skimpy dresses and  balaclavas. Their membership seems to fluctuate between 7 and … Continue reading

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Have you ever tried to lose weight, and what worked for you?

Have you ever tried to lose weight? Well, for two months now, I’ve been trying.  I started by trying to follow the Atkins diet. Atkins is low carb high protein. It’s not about counting calorie.s I stopped buying bread, and … Continue reading

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How do you speak to a human at Hotmail??

A couple of days ago my computer got a virus that sent bogus emails out to everyone I knew. It was one of those “click on this blue  link for some amazing photos” things. I was dumb. Trouble is when … Continue reading

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