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Should murders ever be forgiven and forgotten?

Should there ever be a statute of limitations on murder? Tonight I went to see the film ‘The Company You keep”, with Robert Redford and Shia le Beouf. Le Beouf plays a journalist who exposes the identity of one of … Continue reading

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On the Edge of the Lake (scroll down for life on the lake.)

Here are some more pictures of people who live on Tonle Sap lake, in Cambodia, at the end of the lake  near Siem Reap

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WordPress wouldn’t upoad my other monkey picture…

So here they are…   The monkey wants… you guessed it.

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A Drive in the Country

24 August 2010 I went for a drive in the country side over the weekend with some Cambodian acquaintances. There were rice fields full of light bright green crops, white, pink and purple lotus flowers, geese ducks, dogs and cows wandering … Continue reading

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