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Some blunt questions from Cambodians

30 August 2010 Cambodians can be direct (although, yes, so can other people.) On my recent trip in the countryside, a twenty six year old female passenger asked me about my marital status (divorced) and if I was thinking of … Continue reading

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A Drive in the Country

24 August 2010 I went for a drive in the country side over the weekend with some Cambodian acquaintances. There were rice fields full of light bright green crops, white, pink and purple lotus flowers, geese ducks, dogs and cows wandering … Continue reading

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Bike riding in Phnom Penh: driving on the wrong side of the road makes sense.

I’ve discovered that Phnom Penh traffic isn’t as dangerous as it looks. All you have to do is ride very slowly and if in doubt stop. I managed to get quite a distance today to deliver a job application to … Continue reading

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Getting around by bike in Phnom Penh

Wed 11 August I noticed for the first time today that my tuktuk driver wears a helmet (to comply with the law), but it’s just a thin plastic helmet of the type that office fire wardens might have. It has … Continue reading

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First week in Phnom Penh: school, cops and submachine guns

Friday 6 August 2010 I arrived in Phnom Penh. The airport has a fixed tuktuk fare from the airport to the city of $7, so that saves the hassle of negotiating (haggling) with a driver when you don’t know the … Continue reading

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Teaching English in Siem Reap Cambodia

 This post is a consolidation of emails and notes I made while teaching English as a volunteer in a village just outside of Siem Reap, Cambodia, in June and July 2010 Saturday 5 June. I got into Cambodia today. Seam Reap … Continue reading

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