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A strange book: how lawyers helped justify torture.

John Rizzo was the second-highest lawyer in the CIA for much of the 1990s and early 200os. On several occasions he was acting chief counsel, when the top job was unfilled. Rizzo’s book Company Man (published by Scribe) describes how the … Continue reading

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Lords, Barons and fox hunting to create millions of jobs in Australia

Australia to re-introduce Knighthoods, Lords and Barons: will create jobs helping rich people go fox-hunting. [Non-Australians may not know what this article is about. If puzzled, click here ] Following the Prime Minister’s decision speed up the reintroduction  of imperial … Continue reading

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Why Andrew Bolt will never be Sarah Palin.

Australians will be familiar with a journalist named Andrew Bolt, who seems to have a “thing” about whether people of mixed Aboriginal Caucasian descent can truly claim to be aboriginals, or whether they just “discover” their aboriginality to get career … Continue reading

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Crazywatch Part1: Could Obama be the Antichrist? I’m only half joking :-)

Could Obama be the Antichrist? Obama’s date of birth was 08041961. If you add all the digits in his birth date together you get 1973. if you subtract the last digit of that from the second digit you get 1673. … Continue reading

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Should murders ever be forgiven and forgotten?

Should there ever be a statute of limitations on murder? Tonight I went to see the film ‘The Company You keep”, with Robert Redford and Shia le Beouf. Le Beouf plays a journalist who exposes the identity of one of … Continue reading

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Would North Korea really fire a missile at the US?

This week North Korea had a mental spasm. They decided to test anther long-range missile, and said it was aimed at the United States. Some Americans I know got very concerned. Could the North Koreans really attack the US? How … Continue reading

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Speaking up for women in Afghanistan. A remarkable story.

I’ve been reading “Raising My Voice” by Malalai Joya, an Afghanistan woman who was expelled from the Afghan parliament in 2007 for criticizing the presence of warlords. When she was only a few months old, her family had to flee … Continue reading

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