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Is a government just like a business? Not really.

3 July 2016 A day before Australia’s recent election, I replied to someone on Facebook who thought that a country is just like a business, and so you should elect a business person as Prime Minister. I don’t believe this … Continue reading

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A strange book: how lawyers helped justify torture.

John Rizzo was the second-highest lawyer in the CIA for much of the 1990s and early 200os. On several occasions he was acting chief counsel, when the top job was unfilled. Rizzo’s book Company Man (published by Scribe) describes how the … Continue reading

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Burglars: don’t check your Facebook page in the house you just broke into.

Strange things in the news part 10 What happens when yo run off to a war you don’t need to be in, and then find you don’t like it? Some western teenagers have decided they want to fight with ISIS … Continue reading

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Lords, Barons and fox hunting to create millions of jobs in Australia

Australia to re-introduce Knighthoods, Lords and Barons: will create jobs helping rich people go fox-hunting. [Non-Australians may not know what this article is about. If puzzled, click here ] Following the Prime Minister’s decision speed up the reintroduction  of imperial … Continue reading

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Does Siri believe in God? It’s a definite maybe.

My interview with Siri. Some of you may have read of the funny answers Siri, the operating system on the iPhone, gives when you ask her questions about her own beliefs. Somebody has programmed her to give very evasive answers … Continue reading

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A day in the life – visiting Kenya

Originally posted on The Land of Increasing Sunshine:
At last The Very Long Walk is but a distant memory and I’m walking properly again. It’s Sunday, so off to church we went, along with a fairly high proportion of the…

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Planets outside our solar system: how do astronomers know anything about them?

Have you ever wondered how astronomers know anything about planets orbiting other stars? How big are they? What are they made of? Do they have atmospheres? Here’s the best video I’ve ever seen on the subject. From NASA with Love: … Continue reading

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