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I don’t speak to ordinary people unless there’s an election going on, says politician

Yesterday I went into the city to see the stage play “Yes Minister”, based on the British Political comedy series of the same name. To my surprise I discovered the Greeks were having a street festival in Lonsdale Street. There were stalls selling Greek Yogurt, all the Greek restaurants were doing a brisk trade, and a large stage had been erected with guys playing bouzouki etc. So, a Greek lunch then off to the theater.

The Play involves a British PM, his Principle Private Secretary, his head of Civil Service, a political advisor and the ambassador for Kumranistan, an mythical country which is prepared to loan Britain 10 trillion pounds so it can buy oil from Kumranistan. Unfortunately, the Kumranistan PM wants a school girl to have sex with that night or he won’t sign the deal. The characters twist themselves into knots trying to work out how they could do this without breaking any laws.

The play had brilliant one-liners in it.

“I don’t speak to ordinary people, unless there’s an election going on.” – Jim Hacker, the Prime Minister.

“Memoirs are not the truth, they’re the case for the defence” – Claire Sutton, the PM’s political advisor.

About environmentalism: “The Germans have a big Green Movement. ” Response: “You make it sound like dysentery.” (I didn’t get down which two characters said that.)

About ethics in politics: “You’ve been sliding down a slippery slope since you were elected. It’s the price of power.” – the  Kumranisatan Ambassador.

When the Kumranistan Foreign Minister wants a school girl for the night the actors  discuss how they could make it sound good if it ever leaked to the press.  “We have to make it sound good, like the yanks did with torture. Enhanced Interrogation Techniques.”

It’s got some good lines. I’d give it four out of five stars.