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Quote of the year from Russell Brand

Just a quick post! These must be the quotes of the year: “Politics is show-business for ugly people,” and “Cliche saves us from thinking.” Russell brand on politics. Happy New Year. Richard Snow My novel Fire Damage, an action thriller, … Continue reading

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Planets outside our solar system: how do astronomers know anything about them?

Have you ever wondered how astronomers know anything about planets orbiting other stars? How big are they? What are they made of? Do they have atmospheres? Here’s the best video I’ve ever seen on the subject. From NASA with Love: … Continue reading

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If you think the Snowden revelations are only about the US and Germany, you don’t understand what’s happening.

The revelations about US intelligence gathering that Edward Snowden made public have had repercussions around the world, and not just between the US and Germany. The bugging of Angela Merkel’s phone has received a lot of press coverage in the … Continue reading

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The Butler: preachy propaganda or historical truth?

I saw this film just after taking a course at my local college about the history of the civil rights movement in the US. You can read the demeaning treatment of blacks in segregated facilities, or about lynchings (which often … Continue reading

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