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Crazy Japanese religious cults: how I got the idea for my first book

Today I thought about why I used the Japanese religious cult “Aum Shinrikyo” as the starting point for my first novel. My ex-wife and I stopped in Japan on our way back from Europe in 1985, and we visited Tokyo, … Continue reading

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Sandy Hook: a few (respectful) questions for gun owners.

What happens when lawful gun owners have mentally ill family members? Everybody, even in other countries, has been shocked by the mass killings in Sandy Hook. I have some reasonable, and I believe, perfectly respectful questions to ask on this … Continue reading

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Excellent advice on social media for writers

Originally posted on Kristen Lamb's Blog:
Welcome to my humble home… Happy Wednesday, everyone! Social media is becoming more and more a part of our everyday lives, and this means that we are coming into contact with more people…

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Good novel, if you don’t mind blood and guts

What I’m Reading This Week: Karin Slaughter’s ‘Blindsighted’. When I was a few chapters into this book, I started to wonder whether the author’s surname, Slaughter, was a pen name, chosen because she was writing a particularly gruesome series of murders. I … Continue reading

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Your TV is spying on you: Big Brother is coming

Here are a few strange things I came across this week. US company Verizon has applied for a patent  for a device that would allow a TV to monitor people in their living rooms, picking up sounds,  telling whether the occupants  are … Continue reading

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