If I Have Gay Children: Four Promises From A Christian Pastor/Parent

Churches and christians often get a bad rap over their responses to gay people. And historically, that bad rap has often been deserved. But every so often you find an individual with compassion who is prepared to come out against the historical positions of the church. Here a father talks about the chances that one or more of his kids may be gay. It’s worth reading. There is hope for the world. 🙂

john pavlovitz


Sometimes I wonder if I’ll have gay children.

I’m not sure if other parents think about this, but I do; quite often.

Maybe it’s because I have many gay people in my family and circle of friends. It’s in my genes and in my tribe.
Maybe it’s because, as a pastor of students, I’ve seen and heard the horror stories of gay Christian kids, from both inside and outside of the closet, trying to be part of the Church.
Maybe it’s because, as a Christian, I interact with so many people who find homosexuality to be the most repulsive thing imaginable, and who make that abundantly clear at every conceivable opportunity.

For whatever reason, it’s something that I ponder frequently. As a pastor and a parent, I wanted to make some promises to you, and to my two kids right now…

1) If I have gay children, you’ll all know it.

My children won’t…

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