What’s a Good Living?

A kid at an outdoor restaurant recently told me he wants to get a job as a security guard. At the outdoor restuarant he earns $40 a month (6 days a week.) As a security guard he coud earn $90.

Meanwhile here’s how lots of kids earn their money: I dont know how many of these kids there are in Phnom Penh, but at least hundreds, maybe thousands. In case it’s not clear, he’s hauling a a hand cart  looking for recyclaables to sell.

I don't know how many of these kids there are, but they number at least in the hundreds, maybe thousands, out each night looking for junk to recycle. I susupect very few of them go to school. (How could you, if you, ifve been doing this all night?)

One thought on “What’s a Good Living?”

  1. Dear R.
    My year 8s have been reading Parvana, set in Afghanistan, where kids carry trays of ‘goods’ – cigarettes, matches, dried fruit – and sell them … as a way of scraping a living. Some have hand carts.
    The rubbish reminds me of the time there was a garbo’s strike, and rubbish piled up outside the Casino.
    Your blog gets better and better. It’s great having photos.
    Talk soon.

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