Kristen Lamb’s Blog contains good articles.

Today I’m not going to say anything about economics or politics. Promise. Kristen Lamb’s blog ( has an excellent article headed “Taking Your Novel From Good to Great” which contains a guest blog by Danielle Poiesz about the website “”.  Book country is a site where authors can upload books (or drafts) and get comments and feedback from other writers or readers. There are sections related to specific genres, articles about the business  side of writing, and articles  of advice by authors. One, by Jamie Freveletti, has “Ten Tips I Received… and sometimes Ignored.” It opens with the quote “Persistence is the only thing that has the ability to move you closer to being published. The first tip is “write every day.” She doesn’t, she admits: how could you raise kids, work as a lawyer, and write every day? But she says even under those conditions she managed to write every other day. Boy! That’s a mighty feat. It reminds me of a quote attributed to American President Calvin Coolidge about persistence and determination alone  being omnipotent. One of the reassuring things in Freveletti’s article is that her first book didn’t get published, and that’s not uncommon. Well, I guess this entry ended up being more about book country than Kristen Lamb. But check out Kristen Lamb’s site. Apart from her own articles, she has lots of useful links to other sites and blogs. Best wishes.


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