How do you deal with bad news?

Imagine being 38 and having osteoarthritis in the hips. I just returned from hearing Wil Anderson, an Australian comedian at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. Wil is well known in Australia. He’s had hip pains for the last six years, takes pain killers, and just found out why, when he needed to have a hip X-ray. He has  osteoarthritis. .  He was surprisingly up-beat about it. The doctor who told apparently said that since the replacements last 15-20 years, if he could put up with the pain for a few more years, he might only have to have it once. But alternatively, in a couple of years’ time he might not be able to walk.

Wil said he figured everyone in the audience would have some medical condition or other, implying he didn’t feel sorry for himself.

As the show progressed I found him a truly admirable person.

I don’t deal with bad news very well. i always imagine the worst possible outcome.

It got me wondering how do you deal with adversity? What are the attitudes that make some people cope and not others?

What do tell yourself when bad things happen?

How do you deal with bad news? Leave a comment below.


One thought on “How do you deal with bad news?”

  1. Having some chronic, degenerative conditions myself, I would also like to know how people stay upbeat! Especially in the face of the medicos wanting to stuff people full of harmful pharmaceuticals!
    Personally I think if you have support (of ANY kind) it is better than none at all. If you are fortunate to be wealthy enough to get some complementary treatment, that would also probably help.

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