Strange things in the news, part 5

A few odd things in the news recently:

The North Korean soccer team is trying to qualify for the next world cup in Brazil. Last time they played in a world cup the coach claimed to be getting instructions form then-leader Kim Jong Ill on invisible mobile phones. Their last match was a nil-nil draw against Cuba.

A guy in Zimbabwe (34-year-old Brighton Dama Zanthe) woke up at his own wake just as he was about to be moved, in his coffin, from his home to the funeral parlor  Someone noticed his  leg move, and then he woke up. He was taken to a local hospital for two days, and then released.

A Florida man accidentally shot himself in the leg while ten-pin bowling at Jupiter Lanes. He hit himself on the leg with his bowling ball, apparently causing a revolver in his pocket to discharge. Maybe he should keep the gun in a backpack or bag while he’s bowling.

A woman in Horsham, Australia, was about to take her kids to school when her Samoyed dog bought a 20 cm (8 inch) stick of dynamite onto the front porch. The woman decided to leave it at home while she took the kids to school, then retrieved the stick ad took it to her family’s workplace (a road machinery factory at the rear of her property). Then she decided to call the police.  The item turned out to be a very large fire cracker. Lucky, but not very smart.


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