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Have you ever tried to lose weight, and what worked for you?

Have you ever tried to lose weight? Well, for two months now, I’ve been trying.  I started by trying to follow the Atkins diet. Atkins is low carb high protein. It’s not about counting calorie.s I stopped buying bread, and got rid of the rice and pasta in my cupboard. I stopped buying sugary drinks. I ate lots of egg and bacon. (Protein.)

I also bought more vegetables, berries, and some protein grains (barley, chickpeas.) However after a couple of bouts of abdominal pains which took me to hospital, I found I had to up the fibre in what I was eating and reduce the meat and eggs in favour of more vegetables and berries: I won’t go into the unpleasant medical details here.

My weight went down from 96 kg to 90 kg. (211 lbs to 198.) That’s not terrible good for a 6 foot guy in his late 50s, but it’s more than I should be.  But then 2 or 3 weeks ago it seemed to plateau.

Part of the problem in my weight plateauing  is eating things when it‘s not meal time. Snacking, in other words, even if the “snack” is a bit more bacon and egg, which according to Atkins should be Ok, because it’s not carbohydrate.

Part of the problem is exercise. For me, exercise sucks. I’ve never found a sport I really enjoyed, and I’ve been told I’m just showing the first signs of arthritis in my knees, so jogging would be insane. Walking the dog looks like the best option, plus using some weights I have at home.

I wonder: have any readers found diets that work? Are there any simple rules apart from just “eat less, and stay away from the sugars?” what worked for you?