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The joys of doing something creative

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Recently I bought a ukulele, and began attending beginners’ classes with the Melbourne Ukulele Kollective (and yes, that is Kollective with a K.) They hold beginner’s classes, free, once a week at a hotel in inner suburban Melbourne. At first it was hard to get from one chord to another, I struggled to keep up with other people. I still do on new songs. But I’m getting faster and a bit smoother at moving from one chord to another. 

Ukulele, courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
Ukulele, courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

After attending for about three months, I decided this was something I could stick to, so I bought a more expensive Uke: an eight-string tenor. After six months of attending the group, I decided to do  my first performance at the ‘open mike’ night they hold in a bar in Northcote.  I practiced Van Morrison’s ‘Brown Eyed Girl.’  I practiced singing the melody into an electronic tuner, which tells you whether you are on-key, flat or sharp. In rehearsals at home, I was on pitch about fifty percent of the time. I figured for a first time effort, that was Okay, so last week I fronted up, performed and got all the chords right. It went well. I felt pleased. There is a simple pleasure in being able to play something well enough to draw a reasonable amount of applause from an audience.

For next month’s open mike, I’m tossing up between the Beatles’  ‘Let It Be’ and Sting’s ‘Fields of Gold.” Would any of my friends care to suggest which is a better song? I’m all ears.


A blast from the past…

I could almost believe in re-incarnation after what I’ve just come from. Well, Ok, I haven’t had a real religious experience – just a short but vivid trip back to my youth. Remember the Swedish pop group Abba? Of course you do. Even if you weren’t born when they were around. They performed in Melbourne when I was 23, and I jumped the fence at the Myer Music Bowl and got in without paying.  Well in Melbourne Australia there is an Abba tribute group called “BABBA” – except their posters print the middle B backwards, just like some of ABBA’s did. I just had a blast. This morning I noticed there was a street festival at Ivanhoe, a few suburbs from where I live. I went along and found the band performing at one end of the street was… BABBA!  They did “I do I do I do I do,” “ When I kissed the teacher,” (I’d forgotten that song even existed), “Dancing Queen,” and on and on. They just look and sound SO MUCH like Abba it was like being back in 1977.

So I took some photos. The first one below shows  Bjorn on the guitar, Agnetha in the white and yellow, Anni-Frid (Freda) in the white and blue dress, and Benny on the Piano. Then costumes are copies from a 1976 photo on youtube. Even the drummer had fun. See the last photo. Have you ever had an experience that took you back to a time that made you feel fantastic for an hour or two? A what was it? Leave a post. I’d love to hear from you.