Well, Finally Somebody Sidewsiped Me on a Motorbike.

Friday night I went to school and there had been a murder near the school. Allegedly there was a collision between a tuktuk driver and a four while drive, an argument, and the 4WD guy took out a gun and shot the tuktuk driver dead. One of the other teachers had to excuse a student from class because she had witnessed the incident and was too upset to be inclass. On Saturday night I went to the only English speaking cinema in town: Flicks on Street 95.  The film  was  american. The plot was an  amlagamaton of  Star Wars IV,  Matrix,  and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Some young kid is the saviour of the world but doesnt really want to has to learn to control all elements: earth fire water and air so e can thwart the evil fire benders who intent on taking over the world… or something.

I took some of my stuff to UPS to ship back home. It cost $145

Tonight a motor bike sidewiped  me. The only smashed my basket. They drove on.

Today (Tuesday) I’m having another tage of the root canal surgery done, then I’ll probably go to see the Royal Palace.


One thought on “Well, Finally Somebody Sidewsiped Me on a Motorbike.”

  1. Between tuk tuk drivers being shot and you being sideswiped and having a root canal done (OUCH!) you’ll be so glad to be heading home you’ll probably go into shock!
    Hugs…Betty :)))

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