Bloody ATMs

You may alreadyhave read an earlier post about a cambodian ATM eating my credit card, and the bank who owned the machine wanting a letter from Westpac in Australia saying it was OK to give it back to me. Well…

I tried to use my Cambodian Public Bank (CPB) card in an ANZ Royal ATM and it ate the card. This time I had used an ATM attached to a bank, while the bank was open. Clever move. I went in. They wanted to see my passport and CPB pass book. They said the machine may not have been able to read my card because the numbers were not sufficiently raised. But the card doesn’t bear my name or signature, so … back to the hotel to get my passport and account book to proove its my card. Back to ANZ Royal. They returned the card.  Then so as not to risk the card getting eaten by a non CPB machine I go to the CPB branch near Olympic Stadium. It takes my card, processes  the withdrawal, and while I am looking at the transaction slip, it takes back the cash.Trip to inside CPB branch Today is Thursday. They can’t give me money back till Monday when machine is cleared. I hope they can. It was a VERY large withdrawal. I do a cash advance on my Westpac ATM.

 From now on anything I do will be over the counter.


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