Monkey Business

They want what you've got.
Lying in wait for tourists with bags

On the weekend I went to a seaside town called Kep. There are lots of monkeys there. they have  yellowy-brown fur with white chests and stomachs, and  they follow tourists around wanting food and trying to snatch bags. One of them, about two foot tall, went straight in front of me opened its mouth and bared its teeth. Fortunately, if you splash some water at them they run away.  I was a bit concerned ‘cos I don’t know if they have diseases that can be transmitted to humans, but

They want your food, or whatever is in that plastic bag.

But all’s well that ends well. I retreated to the safety of a tuk tuk to take some more photos. It seems that the more tourists feed them the more they expect to be fed. The town of kep itself is an odd mixture of things. There are still burnt-out buildings form the 1970s, when the Khmer Rouge hated the town and burnt lot of it down. It had been a playground of the wealthy, and the Khmer being Moaist communists, well… The strange thing is thatnew buildings are being put up while the old ones are left intact as empty shells. I’m having a spare set of glasses made here. The cost is $160. In Australia the same thing might cost me $500 (frames plus lenses.) Here’s to living in a cheap country.


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