The Trash Mountain at Street 122

Tonight is Thursday.

On Tuesday the reidents of Street 122 had moved their trash mountain out into one of the lanes of Jawaharlal Nerhru Boulevard (Street 215).  I’m teaching at a place in street 112, and I bicycle south slong nehru and pass street 122 as I go. The even street numbers get bigger as you go south. (See previous posts about trash mountains). It was occupying one of the three  south-bound  lanes of  Nehru .  When I went to school on Thursday night the mound had disappeared. Obvously the municiple garbage people had decided to collect it. On Thursday night as I came back, they were putting out another pile, also going into Nehru Avenue. We’ll see if this one is removed as promptly. I wonder of it was a delbiberate tactic.

At the moment i cant find the device for inserting my camera’s memory stick into the computer, so I can’t show any photos.


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