An Interesting Site About Amish and ex-Amish

Withing 12 hours of posting the book review below I got a comment from a guy who runs this website, about people who disagree with Amish and support people who leave the church. The issue of people confusing  culture with religious rules is so similar to what crops up in Hirsi Ali’s and Ishad Manji’s books about what’s Islam and what’s North African or what’s Arabic culture. Take a look at his site. Whether you’re Christian or not, it’s intersting. (See the link below.) There is a six-part BBC documentary about a couple of families that leave/get expelled from the Amish. One of the critical issues is that they are reading the Bible in English! Most Amish are given Bibles in Old German, which they can’t understand. But of course, information is power, and restricting the ability of the ordinary Amish to understand what’s in the Bible helps the elders to maintain power over the flock.


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