Some Photos of the Floating Village in Cambodia

 Some new photos: In Cambodia there is a whole community that lives in boats, flaoting houses built of floors of thick bamboo, and deconstructable houses on stilts in the middle of the Tonle Sap lake. These people fish, and also keep live stock (in cages, on floors of floating bamboo) on the lake. Here are some photos. At the height of the rany season, some of them dismantle their houses and move them to land.

In the rainy season this house can be dismantled.


The school


Pigs in floating cage
Me on boat in Tonle Sap

3 thoughts on “Some Photos of the Floating Village in Cambodia”

  1. These photos are particularly good. I’ve read about these floating villages and seen some films that take place in this setting. Human ingenuity is very apparent here!

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