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For Novel Writers, how to make a believable male a woman would want to fall in love with.

Over at Writers in the Storm Blog Charlotte Carter has written a simply supurb piece on how to write a male that your female character would be willing to fall in love with.

I’m not going  to reproduce the whole thing (there are 13 points) , but a couple of items jumped out at me:

(Now quoting Charlotte:)

1. The hero is great with kids; we’d all want him to be the father of our children

5. The hero has the ability to have fun, or enhances the heroine’s sense of fun.

9, The hero talks to the heroine, revealing more of himself than he ever has before. That makes him vulnerable. (end quote) 

and you can read the other 10 points here.

This post has seriously made me think I need to go back and fill in a little more background on a novel I have in final edits at the moment.

I look forward to more of Charlotte Carter next time she’s on that excellent blog.